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Premier Suppliers of MIG, TIG & Plasma Cutting Equipment | 0114 243 0555 | Premier Welding Services, 8 Atlas Way, Sheffield, S4 7QQ

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Here at Premier Welding Services, we specialise in Metal Inert Gas Welding, or MIG Welding – the semi-automatic process developed to weld aluminium, steel and other non-ferrous metals. MIG Welding works by creating an arc between the filler wire and the workpiece, while a shielding gas is poured over the weld pool to protect against oxidisation. The primary function of the inert gas is to protect the molten electrode, the weld pool and heated metal from the damaging effects of the surrounding air, as well as creating the optimal circumstances for the arc.

It is the most widely used welding methods due to its ease, versatility and high productivity as it is partially or fully mechanised. It is suitable for a wide range of applications including light to medium gauge steel fabrications, aluminium alloy structures and automotive repairs through to heavy steel structures and shipbuilding so whatever your requirements, we can provide MIG Welding as a solution.

Although MIG Welding is simple to mechanise, it requires careful management and operation and the equipment must be kept in top condition. Here at Premier Welding Services we’re committed to ensuring that is achieved, while turnaround is fast and work of consistent quality. The machinery we use comes from leading manufacturers including Miller, Lincoln Electric and Hypertherm.

If you have a steel fabrication issue and require our MIG Welding service, don’t hesitate to call us on 0114 243 0555 to find out how we can help. Alternatively, we’re more than happy to advise you on any aspect of the MIG Welding process.